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venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Is Elsa from Disney's Frozen... a Stand user?!

by Link

Is Elsa from Disney’s Frozen… a Stand user?

We know that, in the “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures” universe, Stands are powers that come from a person’s spiritual strength. Also, we know that Elsa has a very strong power, but I am going to prove that her power is a Stand.

Saving for the end the hardest evidences let’s begin with another question, can Elsa’s power be a Stand?

Elsa’s power mainly lets her create and control ice, as well as create beings capable of moving and act by theirselves, like the snowman Olaf and the big guy who almost kills her sister. Both of these powers were seen in Stardust Crusaders. Petshop, the guardian of Dio’s palace, could create and control ice, and Cameo was able to create puppets that could fight from the wishes of his opponents. 

Also, we have to take this into account: All Stands are mainly meant for fighting (except for Hermit Purple, of course) and Elsa’s power is surely designed for this as well. In fact, all by herself and without any training, she manages to defeat several soldiers that were ordered to kill her. She also has a final weapon: by hitting an opponent in the heart with her ice she can completely freeze him, if he’s not healed in time. I think there’s no objection that this is definitively meant for fighting.

Finally, only an idiot could object that, if her powers came from a Stand, then ordinary men shouldn’t be able to see them, because there are cases of Stands that can be seen by anyone, like The Strength and Anubis.

So we reached our first goal, we proved that Elsa’s power could be a Stand, but we need some better evidence to reasonably assert it, evidence I’m showing right now. Two of these proofs are in “Let it go”, the song we all ended up hating after listening to it against our will for too many times, damn singing brats. Anyway, the lyrics themselves tell us Elsa has a Stand.
Lyrics say: "Here's my Stand, and here I'll stay"

And if this is not enough for you, just look at the end of the song, when Elsa comes back inside from the balcony closing the door behind her. The door closes by itself, doesn’t it? No, she didn’t use the ice, not a single crystal is to be seen when the door closes. You want to know how she did it? It’s simple: it was her Stand. Anyone can see the effects of her Stand, but ordinary men can’t see his form, and that is why it looks like the door closes by itself.

How the scene appears to a Stand user
And if this, as you may object, is not enough as a proof, even if it gives us more valid reasons to think my thesis is right, the next evidence will clear any doubt.

Think to Frozen’s ending, the “act of true love” manages to melt the ice in Anna’s heart and then, by simply repeating, “love, love” Elsa magically manages to control her power. Suuuuuure. 

I don’t think I need to tell you that this is absolute nonsense. Now just think, is there anybody in Jojo’s universe that develops a Stand and is not capable of controlling it, ending up overwhelmed by it? Of course there is, I’m talking about Holly, Jotaro’s mother. She can’t control her Stand because she doesn’t have a fighting spirit like her father or her son. That is why, when Dio awakens in Jonathan’s body, the Stand grows inexorably inside her, almost killing her. Doesn’t this remind you of someone?

Elsa, even if she is not a complete idiot like her sister, surely doesn’t have the spirit of a warrior and her power grows and grows, while she can’t control it. You fell for the “power of love” thing, huh? Truth is, in the end Elsa manages to control her power… because in that moment Dio had just been defeated! So you thought that Elsa was related to Tarzan but… she was actually related to the Joestar family!

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