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sabato 6 febbraio 2016

Undertale on 3DS: A simple idea on using the two screens

by Cloud

If you're not italian, just skip the red text. It means nothing.

Non preoccupatevi Timber fan, il blog non è stato preso in ostaggio da alieni anglofoni! Scrivo questo post in inglese perché volevo postare su Twitter le mie idee su come adattare Undertale su 3DS, visto che ultimamente se ne parlava, e magari (seh, e quando me se filano) farlo leggere al creatore del gioco Toby Fox o a qualche addetto di Nintendo. Buona lettura se capite!

Recently, the gaming web was shaken by Toby Fox being contacted on Twitter by Nintendo's Akinwale Lakeru for discuting something, probably about some Undertale port for Nintendo platforms like 3DS or Wii U. The rumor about the Undertale port was confirmed by Toby himself, who said that the porting thing had already been discussed months ago. 

Toby than said: if I have to port it on 3DS, I would like to make use of the second screen. And well, I just put up some ideas on how to implement Undertale on a 3DS. 

First of all, the exploration. The main scene could easily take place on the upper screen, while the touch screen could... host the menu. But why wasting it for only the menu, and not putting a map on it, which helps us track our movements in the monster realm better?

Zelda map as an example in picture

Then, by pressing Start, X, or an specific panel on the touch screen, the Menu would come up as well in all of its glory:

It's time to duel to talk about battles. Which maybe are the most interesting subject here. The choice buttons could easily be placed in the touch screen like this (sorry if I suck at image editing and it's a bit gross):

But when an enemy attacks and we have to avoid him in the bullet hell sections, everything on the touch screen could disappear in order to leave space for our heart-shaped box heart-containing panel. And that's not the end of it: users can choose to control the heart with the d-pad, the analog stick, or the touch screen itself! Well, some things have to be taken into account in order to adapt the gameplay to touch well, for example, when Papyrus makes us "blue" and the heart is heavy, we could simply lose control of it when it reaches its maximum height, but with some creativity it could easily be done.

So, that's it, we're all excited for an eventual Undertale port for 3DS, and to Toby Fox, if you'll ever happen to read this, congratulations for making such an awesome game!

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